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  • Automated forecasts
  • Compare against industry
  • See upcoming payments

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No Data Entry

  • Do your normal bookkeeping
  • We extract & analyse your data
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  • Predict GST and PAYG obligations
  • See upcoming payments
  • Manage debtors and creditors

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Who's using Vistr

Rob 2

“I used to get caught out by BAS and unforeseen expenses. Now, Vistr forecasts my cash-flow automatically, so I can see what is going to happen in the next few months and plan my use of cash to sidestep problems before they happen"

Rob Knowles, Owner, The Waterproofing Stop

“Cash-flow forecasting is a time sink, requiring genuine expertise in spreadsheets. Vistr removes that complexity. With the click of a few buttons, a forecast was created for us. We now have clarity in how and where we should spend cash, in order to protect and grow the business"

Nic Wright, CEO, AppInstruct

"Not only do their charts make it really easy to understand what is going well and what needs attention in our business, but the recommendations helped us save more than $10,000 in the first few months of using Vistr

Andy Emerson, Owner, The Passage

Vistr has launched

Get your FREE 30 day trial